Should SmartlyDressedGames get a Mascot?


Im not referring to like um anthropomorphic animals with sports uniforms though, I just want to see if it haves enough personality. In my perspective of the mascot should be the Zombie I guess since it’s unturned also.


The zombie face and unskinned character models are two prominent “figures” in and out of game. They suffice as “mascots” for the game, as most people who play the game tend to recognize those images as being part of Unturned.


Unskinned character with zombie face wearing a fez


This should be it. He’s smartly dressed, and he makes games.


Nah dude this one


The zombie face is what makes Unturned, Unturned


ok, now that we’re set, how about giving SDG a catchphrase?

leave no stone unturned


I think this is perfect, it looks pretty smartly dressed anyways~


“Introducing bugs each week and fixing them the next” :sunglasses:


Is it a blessing or a shame that this meme is going to die in both Unturned and Unturned II? :thinking:


We already have a mascot, his name is MoltonMontro


I thought we are talking about a mascot?


He was refering to the “catchphrase” I posted.