Should the ireland map become official?


This is just a question, would you guys like the Ireland map to become a curated official map? If so, Why?

  • Yes, keep it forever.
  • No, I would rather it become workshop.
  • Yes I would like to keep it but (comment)
  • No I want it gone because (comment)

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I seriously doubt this poll will have any significance.


There is a reason for it being curated only during a limited time.


thats the reason I put the yes I would like to keep it but (comment)
or the other comment one. Im just asking if people want it, not if it should be kept xdxd


Maps add in more loading time.


if your worried about loading time, I feel bad for you. Unturned loading time is always long.


best thing to do is do something else while it loads, like I am XD


That’s the point, I feel bad for you because it seems that you don’t understand the issue with maps and loading time.


Im trying to decide if your talking to me or the other guy…


Ireland is a good map. I personally wouldn’t care if there was a longer loading time, it’s a good map.


But I don’t wanted to wait 10 mins every time I load up unturned.

Would be nice if it’s considered as a free optional DLC tho.


It’s timed curated and always was, I see no reason to change that fact.


Definitely keep it. But it might be tricky to switch the ID numbers around, which is something that absolutely needs to happen before it’s official. 15037 is just too mod-y.

Also, the guns are pretty great (like if you :heart: the dagger sound) but they need a bit more clunky modeling - they look great but they don’t really look Unturned. Get what I’m saying? Like the Cobalt has too fine iron sights - but the other gun, the automatic? that looks great already.


i voted for “yes keep it” while i actually don’t care if its not permanent.
if it gets perma then good, if not, too bad