So uhh... Thought these crash-hacks were patched?


I mean I understand. For a lot of major groups it’s extremely competitive even in vanilla survival.


Would you look at that. It happened yet again.

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fuck, dude. I think he’s using wallhacks and the extended punch thing, which has never been blocked. people used to punch me through walls all the fucking time back in like 2017


i didn’t know it had made a comeback. i guess playing vanilla is going to be hell once again


Honestly I think anyone who takes a light-hearted, bright, pastel-coloured survival game “competitively” has no fucking life

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The audio of him punching is right beside of me. And in the previous video you can watch his character rising through the ground. Clearly he’s invisible, not far away.

Until nerslon fixes this, and especially fixes the crash exploit, then yeah, I’m not playing.

I mean I don’t personally take it competitively. The point of RA is to be friendly and kind. I just see why these super elite 5,000 hour sweaty tryhards get a bit competitive.

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The server is completely vanilla, and i personally trust that there staff wouldn’t do this, cheats are disabled too.
Plus as i said, stuff like this isn’t possible in vanilla


Except for the fact that he was doing this after the patch, Its not fixed

also calm down, what kind of insult is “socialist”


Was curious to see if anyone would post other links, but if you do know of a place to acquire functioning cheats for the game it’s always appreciated if you can email them to me: I’ll ensure they make their way to BattlEye.

Perhaps there is a previously undiscovered method to crash clients, in which case it will be fixed as soon as I can get any information about it. Interesting that it was crashing players and not the server, I wonder was the game crashing to desktop, or “lost connection to server” into the main menu?

Noclip/flying as seen in the video is impossible by default, I suspect the option to enable clientside physics authority was enabled on the server (which has some benefits, but cheating being the downside).

For shooting zombie effects/decals it was most likely a mod weapon without a world model similar to how the tank cannons can be used - effect spawning is dictated by the server only.


you can search up unturned hacks on youtube and get a bunch of results


Frames stop, not responding - crash to desktop.

Don’t you mean disabled? As in auth phys disabled? This is just a run of the mill server. I doubt they know how to do that. I’ve been playing for a while and can tell it’s enabled aswell.

I’m not sure what this means, could you explain?


He would’ve meant enabled. You’re thinking of server-side authoritative physics, which is default (and performs server-side character movement verification). Nelson is talking about client-side physics authority (which trusts client movement without the need for server-side verification).

You’re probably just used to referring to them as “Epic Mode” and “Auth Physics”. Nelson was referring to what you may be more familiar with calling “Epic Mode”.


oh yeah. I just say auth phys disabled or enabled. Wasn’t sure what the proper terms were.

But yeah I asked the owner and he confirmed he didn’t do that.

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Nevermind. Apparently he thought it was a good idea to disable it.


Yeah, guilty as charged. I enabled it back now but it’s sad as things were so smooth in my servers. However the biggest problem remains: random hackers join my servers killing everyone’s game by crashing their clients. This needs a fix asap.


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I run 20 vanilla servers and I suffer from this. A guy coming to a server and starts crashing everyone’s clients until server is dead.


you said your the owner of those 20 servers?
Can’t you just ban him?
also how do you do this crash cheat


I had to use a module that doesn’t allow steam accounts more new than 30 days to join my servers. This may work but it’s really unfair for legitimate players. I don’t know how they do it, they just do.


He rents 20 servers, yeah

No, because he will just use another IP and account

He’s literally the owner from the server I’m reporting the crash cheat in this thread from

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