So uhh... Thought these crash-hacks were patched?

So uh yeah look at this.

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I didnt see you crash? Also do you know that it wasnt an admin? Also recatagorized

Crash is later in the stream video - which you could watch if you wanted.

This guy is most certainly not an admin. We reported him, a mod tried to get on and ban him, but couldn’t do that. The hacker crashed his game everytime he tried to join.

He fixed it though. Stop trying to kind shot to complain about you socialist

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The dudes profile is either private or not even made.

Clearly it’s not fixed when I, my friends, and the staff trying to ban a hacker are randomly crashing while the guy talks mad trash in chat about his crashing abilities.

Also, fix your link

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works for me, buddy ^w^

Sorry I had to click desktop view

Could be a new exploit that crashes the game in another way, something that Nelson didn’t fix in the past

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Lol, i just saw a guy on freezzer whos fist literally emited decals and could murder you from around 100m away. I don’t think hes lying
Its the decal emmited when you attack irradiated zombies

Wheres the player crashing tho?

This happened every time I try to stream Unturned.
At this point im not able to stream Unturned unless I play boring singleplayer…

Sad ;(((((((((

I mean, jesus, I only had like 10 people watching. Are hackers really that desperate for the short-span attention of 10 people? :frowning: smhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wanna die.

honestly people who hack a survival game are fucking douchebags. i installed aimbot and a couple other things one time, they just ruin the fun of the game, and make it boring. Why would you hack a non-competitive survival game like Unturned? I can kinda see the point of it in CS:GO or Fortnite or whatever, but not Unturned.



Yes. They dont care about how many people are watching, they just try to have fun by ruining others streams. 10 viewers on the unturned section is like 5,000 on fortnite btw. Unturned on Twitch is dead.
Wait for Unturned II and imma bring some plebs over. Also @SDGNelson please make sure theres Prime Loot for Unturned II, thanks for the subs. Have a great day Nelson!

Stuttgart_Flugart exposed

not sure if you’re allowed to admit that here. whateves. I had someone install hacks before to understand what they could do - as I run servers. That was like 2 years ago, though.

ex :b:osed

i just installed them to try them out, on an old account. idk why anyone would think that’s a big deal