Steam profile and forum profile


What do you think if on our forum profile there is our link, or a section of our steam profile.
So we are above all connected and we can find ourselves more easily, contacting us and playing together if we want.
Type a button on the profile of the forum in which if you click on it sends you to the steam profile of the desired.




Can confirm that this should technically be possible, although possibly not that important given you can already just straight-up link to your Steam profile.


Random fact: Colgate in Spanish is hang yourself
Also (back on track) I like this idea, but isnt there something called copy and paste links?


That’s a lie. Google translate says that word doesn’t exist in the Spanish language :thinking:


yeah, sorry for that


look up colgar.
colgate is the command for doing it to yourself.


Oh… (10 chair limit)


Hmm… does MoltonMontro watch CinemaSins? I am not surprised for some reason :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Yes, but that’s not a CinemaSins video, it’s Corridor.

I’ll probably post an actual way to do this at some point.