"Stones Unturned"



Is that possible?


Uh…what? Unturned is a word by the way, it isn’t just a fancy game name xd


True but you know me…

Ahem i’m an dork.


The “Holy crap” thing made me laugh for some reason.


@Adeveth If you think you’re a dork, how did you post this with perfect writing?

Just saying.


Well dork ltypicly refers to someone educated/highly informed on (potentialy wierd or boreing) topics but are lame and somewhat socially rejected.

So with that in mind, is it really strange that he can spell correctly?

Since dork=roundaboutly knowledgeable in something.


Google says:

noun: dork; plural noun: dorks
a dull, slow-witted, or socially inept person.


Going all Rick and Morty because i called myself a dork xd


Unturned: Flintstones edition


Insert Minecraft reference or some stuff who cares






Bedrock. (Goddamn 10 character thingy idk)


Diamond (10 character)


It bothers me that Animatic pointed out that Unturned is a word, not just a title, when the screenshot isn’t English