Suggestion: Ability to port at least some parts of 3.x editor maps to 4.x


While I am excited for 4.x, I find the idea of porting my custom maps somewhat daunting. If there was a way to port at least the terrain shape and possibly the object placement, It would be wonderful. As it stands, I’m not in a position to learn the ins and outs of a new editor, and take the time to lovingly remake my maps. Me and friends would probably keep playing 3.x arena at our LANs. Plus this feature would mean a surge of “new” user content for the game right out of the gates.

Just gonna leave this here to: there could still be weapon skins without all the baggage of a crate system, like as rewards for milestones.


These would be the two most difficult things to import. Object placement being difficult considering there’d be no objects for it to import, and terrain being difficult since it’s a different engine. (If by “terrain shape” you just mean the heightmap, then that shouldn’t be difficult at all and is likely already feasible in a manner similar to Unturned (3.x).)

Unfortunately, even if it was possible to port those two things, it will not remedy this concern in any way. Building terrain and placing objects are the easiest parts, hands-down.

Bad/lazy content is not beloved/good. That’s not new content. That’s people being too lazy to make functional custom content that people would actually want to play with.

Personally, I’m just fine with waiting a day or two after the beta launches for some “actually quality” community-made content. People have started on making their own custom content right now. When Nelson starts releasing assets for people to work with too, it’ll be even easier for people to get started before the game is actually publicly available.

Good mods being available at the start of when an easily moddable game is released is good. From my understanding, people find the current state of the Workshop to be quite low-quality (with a few exceptions), and don’t want a repeat of that in Unturned II. Rushed out mods don’t help this, imo.


This is just like the idea of transferring inventories with skins and cosmetics, except it shows laziness and sign of neglect of the new game’s potential

Plus, it is very inconsistent with the design and the content of the game


You present good criticisms, I guess I just don’t like the idea of forced obsolescence for the unturned content I’ve made. In the mean time I’ll wait eagerly for more 4.x news!


While I understand your concerns, do recall that 3.0 and 4.0 are completely different games.

You just simply gotta bite the bullet here, it’s for the greater good. I’m sure we appreciate your enthusiasm though.