Suicide mechanics in the game


oof, I rather cut my wrist.


Completely pointless I think.


IMHO, it should be more of a [GIVE UP] button than a [SUICIDE] button. Besides, this makes it useful if you get knocked down and are waiting to be revived, but nobody is there. If you’re fine, and you hit [GIVE UP] you just sit down, sigh, and let time take you (view fading out, sound deafening slowly, and the sound of a heartbeat slowing down to stop before the screen turns black. Then you respawn.)


Portraying suicide as a peaceful and natural option isn’t really any better than portraying it as shocking and gruesome. Overall I’d say the suicide mechanic doesn’t need to be anymore realistic or fleshed out than in 3.X, because all it exists to be is a gameplay mechanic, if it exists as a part of the game’s atmosphere or artistic expression I’d have to argue against that. The only positive impact depictions of attempted suicide can have come from showing that it’s never to late to reconsider and that there will be support to help fix and deal with those problems, but that doesn’t fit with the gameplay purpose of the suicide button.

A cool down to prevent suicide spamming to respawn where you want is the only potentially useful gameplay mechanic I’ve seen on this thread.


I’d agree a lot with this, it’s far more realistic and fairly balanced in gameplay terms, since a hardcore survival shouldn’t be meant to spam suicide for respawning anywhere you want. We all already know what happens if you overpower gameplay over realism in a game of this genre by just looking at 3.0; @Sirba that should answer your concern.


yes, I want to suicide with a frying pan


You are not the only one


I don’t see how stealing some distance for fresh spawns by suiciding is overpowered.


And always remember, kids!
#do not suicide on the real life but on the unturned can


Biting off your tongue will result in suicide.




Ah great. Now he’s going to suggests throwable cans.


hey, those make a lot of noise, specially if you have a bunch on a chain.

(fallout 4 anyone?)


Throwable cans. Not some hobo-hippie hybrid decoration.


I was gonna kill myself, but this changed my mind.


I’m against this suggestion unless we’re able to die by interdimensionally metaphaseforming


Can grenades.


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Why could not we?


youre are the because