Table Design, More Groups, and Subcategories - 2.0


All of these have been brought up in the past with their own answers from site administration and/or Nelson, but as we approach version 4 and Molt’s stage of higher intelligence it’s nice to revisit them in just one post.

Table CSS

To start, I’ve made table CSS that works as it should’ve intended without the white header this time. Using the “User CSS” chrome extension you can easily import your own custom CSS overrides (code that manages the aesthetics/design style) for any site!

So this time I’ve done that to make sure the table code doesn’t look wonky. I’m actually still using it right now.

Here is it currently:


Here is what it would be:


Here’s it not as an image, alongside the CSS for it:

Caliber Ammunition items Unturned examples Real examples
7.62mm 7.62mm Bullet Zubeknakov • Nykorev • Snayperskya AK-47 • PKM
5.56mm 5.56mm Bullet Eaglefire • Maplestrike M4A1 • C7A2
/* Table Design */

.cooked table thead, .d-editor-preview table thead {
    border: 1px solid #BBBBBB !important;
    background-color: #333333;

.cooked table tr, .d-editor-preview table tr {
    border: 1px solid #BBBBBB;

How do you even make tables?

So you may be wondering how you create tables to begin with?

| Header 1 | Header 2 | Header 3 | Header 4 | Header 5|
| No colons above | Colon on left | Colon on right | Both sides | amount of hyphens |
| Defaults to left | = left align | = right align | = center align | doesn't matter |
Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 Header 5
No colons above Colon on left Colon on right Colons on both sides the amount of hyphens
Defaults to left align = left align = right align = center align doesn’t matter

More Groups!

The site currently has a group for Russia and a group for Hawaii. I believe more groups should be in order.

  • @greece/cyprus-map-team “Greece/Cyprus Map Team”

Very self-explanatory, this would be a group for Modz2much and co. that created Greece/Cyprus.

  • @france-map-team “France Map Team”

Also quite self-explanatory, but this would/could/should be added for when France is added to Unturned 3.

  • @moderators “Moderators”

This one should technically already exist, it’s just not easily public/viewable like other groups. Having the groups visible in the group menu makers it easier to find the full list of staff and their recent posting activity.

  • @wiki-staff “Ego Boost” “Wiki Staff”


  • @curated-content-creators “Curated Content Creators”

Includes all curated content creators (possibly excluding skin creators), including timed curation content creators. However, messaging them with @ would be disabled for all user levels except moderators/leaders and Nelson.

  • @regulars “Regulars”

Set to be automatic, and have it add anyone who is a regular (and remove those who’ve lost that status). Disable messaging the group with @ except for Nelson and moderators/leaders, who could use it for announcements or PSAs in the #lounge.

Subcategories (again)

This was one of the first #site-feedback discussions iirc (too lazy to check). Eventually, when version 4 is released, it’s reasonable to assume the amount of posts will pick up. If Nelson has a proper main menu for the beta launch too, with links to the forum and other SDG sites, then it most definitely will get some higher traction.

So, revisiting potential subcategories. Personally, I found the topic to be hard to polish out, but I did my best to get a general idea for them out:

Unturned II

  • Announcements
  • Feedback Discussion
  • Workshop
  • Technical Support
  • Bug Reports
  • Public Test Realm

It could also be titled something like Unturned 4.x, Unturned 4, Unturned 4 Beta, Unturned 2, etc. Still waiting on that name!

Announcements would just be a Nelson & moderators board.

Feedback Discussion would be a general board for input regarding the latest update, giving suggestions, and asking questions about the game.

The Workshop subcategory is for custom content. I feel like making it a subcategory rather than a normal category might make more sense, but it could also just be a category and then have “Unturned 4” and “Unturned 3” as subcategories, alongside any future games.

I also like the idea of it not just being Workshop content, but include any fan content too, such as videos or artwork.

Technical Support is for hardware/software-related issues, and stuff like Mac, Linux/SteamOS, VR, and controller support. I believe it should be separate from Bug Reports, which would be for reporting bugs.

Public Test Realm is for the proper PTR branch everyone wants.

Unturned 3

  • Announcements
  • Feedback Discussion
  • Workshop
  • Technical Support
  • Bug Reports
  • Public Test Realm
  • Classic & Antique Branches

This section I scrapped entirely and redid very quickly for this post, because it was (and still is) just a mess. The original only had four subcategories: Unturned 3, Unturned 3 Workshop, Classic, and Antique.

I think the subcategories should also depend on Unturned 3’s projected lifespan, which could very well likely not actually receive regular updates after 4.0’s release.

All the subcategories should be self-explanatory though. Classic & Antique Branches would be for 1.x and 2.x. The rest are for 3.x, or the 3.x PTR branch that exists currently.


  • Gaming
  • Gamedev
  • Memes
  • Lounge

Just move all four of those current categories into here as subcategories?

Site Feedback

  • Forum Discussion
  • Wiki Discussion
  • Other SDG Sites

Forum Discussion would do exactly what the current #site-feedback category does for us.

Wiki Discussion could be for something similar to the above, except for the SDG wiki. It is possible to use the wiki for such things, via talk-pages, but I feel like most people wouldn’t actually voice their concerns there. This forum would be far more user-friendly, honestly.

There’s people who have gone offsite to complain about the Wikia in the past, and have never bothered to try and actually give input directly to wiki staff or just any editors in general. I’d hope that a subcategory on official forums would resolve that, somewhat.

Other SDG Sites would include the blog and the main site, which both need a lot of love too except they’ll have to split it between themselves. It could also potentially include voicing opinions regarding how to better use the Twitter account or future official Discord for 4.0.


  • Uncategorized

Hopefully self-explanatory.


Molt has been ego boosted (not Photoshop)

grouping 7.62x39 (AKM) with 7.62x54 (PKM)



very old table, I just copy-pasted it from the previous Custom Table CSS post, where I copy-pasted it from a scrapped post project

I preferably support them separated, although I’m pretty cool with them being combined considering it’s still a huge step up from what we have currently.


As always, Molton making everyone else baby posts !

For the groups part, wouldn’t it be better to include all the members of a team and their work into the same name like;



-Projects (Hawaii, Greece, Cyprus)


Modz2much has different collaborators/creators across all their maps. Only Mooki and Gamez are consistent.


CSS applied and Ego Boost created!


Ego boosting


Oof. Had the wrong classes on the second bit. Should be

/* Table Design */

.cooked table thead, .d-editor-preview table thead {
    border: 1px solid #BBBBBB !important;
    background-color: #333333;

.cooked table td, .cooked table th, .d-editor-preview table td, .d-editor-preview table th {
    border: 1px solid #BBBBBB;

(So cells have borders too)


Can you elaborate on the groups? If this is for the forums, then I’d like that curated creators rank :stuck_out_tongue:


It is for the SDG forum but as of now only the wiki-staff group was added (along table CSS and site feedback subcategories).


I have problemi. You mixed 7.62x39mm, which is an intermediate sized rifle cartridge used by the AK-47 and AKM, with the 7.62x54mmR, which is a full-sized rimmed cartridge.


this was lItErALlLY The FiRSt CoMMeNT On The PosT


what Whistleblower said plus:

and intentionally!

Literally zero reason for me to post the alternative tables on something completely unrelated to the point of this post that was a scrapped project anyways