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So quick disclaimer, while I know this is mostly fact, this will contain a few rant-y bits from my experience that could come of as opinionated. This post is talking about both 3.0 and 4.0’s workshops, and what I expect from each, etc…

To start off, I do not have high standards for the Unturned workshop. Not one bit, I’ve come to realize that while I was mapmaking. Every few weeks I would peruse the workshop looking for new stuff to download and try out, and while of course some mods and modders stood out most of the time (Looking at you @Dieselsisel and @Letgalian) , most of the time it was incredibly underwhelming. The 3.0 workshop page is either dead or crapping out horrid content every day compared to other communities, how can we change this?
It’s honestly really upsetting to see this, I understand that no workshop can be perfect and there will always be children making “WASHINGTON RP++ EXTRA GUN SPAWNS WITH NPCS!!”, I would like to see the amount of that decrease though.

Featured maps and modpacks were a great step to quality assurance, but it’s flaw was that it just automatically picked the highest voted item from the workshop during that time, it wasn’t hand picked. (Obviously having something be handpicked is not practical with a time schedule like Nelson’s, but it could be possible.)

And now, we begin with the rant part. Why does this community like this stuff? Once again, how can we change it? There are so many quality maps and modpacks being beaten out by RP Maps and shooting ranges, while they are being constantly updated with new content.

A prime example of this would be the Iceland map. Now correct me if I’m wrong but this map does include custom clothing and is going to be updated. It’s also criminally underrated at only 300 subscribers. It may use a flag mod to add an Icelandic flag to it, but everything else is made by the mapmakers.
For 4.0 I would really hope that the focus on survival and PvE changes this. I yearn for the days that the workshop was thriving and was churning out quality content, only to be reduced to a boiling pot of garbage now.

Map Making Restrictions in 4.0

I can 100% relate to this.

Let’s hope 4.0 will cleanse many an aneurysm


Since 4.x will have much the same fanbase, we will still get this stuff. HOWEVER, since there is apparently no in-built editor like 3.x, 4.x will most likley have reduced bad map count, as less maps will be made. We will still get these “Star Wars Washington Now With Death Star And Starwars NPCS + RP” maps, but they will be harder to make, as most won’t be willing to learn how to use Unreal Engine.


Pineridge 20 years later!


Doubtful. The main problem with Unturned 3’s Workshop is how easy it is to produce bad content.

The game did not launch with any mods, modding guides, or Workshop support, so it was basically a free-for-all. Unturned II is launching with at least modding guides and modding tools immediately off the bat. If it was to launch with quality mods off the bat too, then people even more immediately have higher expectations.

Creating functional shirts and pants is incredibly easy. Most people do a terrible job design-wise with them, but they’re by far the most straightforward thing to make and upload. Many people don’t, however, make any other type of clothing in Unturned 3 because that’s “too much” for them.

Unturned II is going to be even more “too much” considering all clothing is meshed, and they’re all properly rigged to the body for animations. Most also experience things like textile variation too.

People can justify their solid color textures in Unturned 3. This is immediately harder to justify in Unturned II.

Creating guns is a popular thing due to people liking the shooty-shoots. If people like shooty-shoots they’ll make shooty-shoots, it doesn’t matter if the game is PvE-oriented. I welcome people trying to completely change the core idea of a game with total conversions anyways.

What will stop people, however, is when they realize that guns should be rigged too. That guns are suddenly more than just a sight, magazine, and boomstick. People rarely make their own sights and magazines anyways. Imagine people trying to get away with only making a receiver, or uploading their gun with zero attachment options. Imagine people realizing there’s more unique recoil patterns now.

Content will get better as modding is forced to become more “challenging.” The minimum expectations will rise with that.

It’s more comparable to someone trying to use Unturned 3’s devkit imo, and learning how to make maps with it won’t be the same as just booting up Unreal Engine considering the editor tool is specifically for Unturned. But, yeah, many people won’t understand where to even download the tool.


Personally. I think unturned’s workshop are “mostly” filled with either “rp maps” or items that doesn’t really fitted it’s artstyle. (Looking at you, creators of such things)

It’s kinda sad too. Those people actually have to learn some “complex stuffs” to make those and ended up being somewhat unfitted. Altho this is just in my opinion.


What’s even worse, is that, from the perspective of an actual RP veteran here, those “RP maps” are bad quality even for RP maps. Typically good RP servers will use official/curated maps, or high quality general workshop maps like The Driftless. These “RP maps” are basically poor or lazy attempts at custom content for RP, with the removal of zombies often.

There are exceptions to this rule such as Chef County (Bootleg RP) which is very nicely executed for an RP map, but the vast majority is pretty bad.

So even as a highly experienced RPer here, I can indeed agree with the distaste of non-RPers.


I like to rp. It’s just every server I go on I get kosed, then I go to pick up my stuff and I get killed for “breaking a rule” which is I’m not allowed to pick up my stuff, ever, and then I get banned for Mass Kos, WHEN I WAS THE ONE KOSED.


The problem of cancerous RP servers is just as bad as the problem of cancerous servers in general