This is America but it's a Minecraft FNAF roleplay



How is this by any means related to Unturned?


There is not that much rules on the meme category at all.


Unturned copied Minecraft…so it relates.


really? they are so different. Minecraft went the wrong way, Unturned also went the wrong way but is now correcting itself. Unturned is more realistic that Minecraft and has more effort put into it.


I dunno. Minecraft didn’t go the wrong way. If it went the wrong way, it wouldn’t be so popular among all ages. Minecraft isn’t really a bad game, it’s just because 6 year olds play it even when it’s 10+


That’s Literally the only reason people hate the game, because they think it’s meant for little kids when it’s not.


Actually, no it didn’t. I know you being sarcastic but you should look around the Google Play.


Uuuuuuhhhh…kinda I guess…
At least the character has a square head in both of them.


Well,that’s kinda true.


This meme isn’t about Unturned and Minecraft! It’s just a Childish joke :joy:


I see what you did there.


Me after seeing the image:


its blocky and theirs guns. It so obvious m8


Nightmare cronge fuel.


Surely we can do better than this.


At least it’s not one of those blatant like/comment farm posts.


i think im the only guy who made a five nights at freddys place in unturned using metal buildables xD


Rebuilding the FNAF 1 location wouldn’t be that bad.


im actually making a map which is based off fnaf, unfortunetly im god awful at map making so it’s taking a while