Throw the grenade again


Is auto explanative

  • when a player lance a grenade in your direction add the possibility to you throw the grenade again.


Assuming that grenades can be cooked in 4.0, I don’t think this would really be viable.


Maybe it can be applied, so it’s doable only if you have the right timing or so.


Just kick it, or run and dive prone with your feet towards the grenade so you take less damage. Will still hurt and probably break your legs though.


A quick press of the pickup button could be a kick or a hit, similar to rainbow 6, automatically throwing/kicking/yeeting it in the direction you are looking


Realistically, by the time you actually notice and pick up the grenade, even throwing it back, there’s no way you could do so in a way that the explosion would not be lethal. In ideal conditions it would merely explode in mid-air as you threw it back, which would likely kill you anyways.

Either way, I don’t see why we’d need this, it’s something most shooters don’t even have.


That kinda depends though. I can’t say I’m 100% sure it was because the standard German grenades were being tossed back out of the trenches, but the WW1 sturmtruppen were issued grenades with shorter timers for some reason.


Is that where we got the term “StormTroopers” from?


They removed it in Rainbow for the exact reason it wouldn’t work in Unturned, it caused more team deaths and suicides by overly confident people than it would save.


Storm troopers were actually specialized soldiers in the German infantry throughout (I think) both world wars but definitely WWI


It’s far from being necessary. Only game where you can effectively throw grenades back is Battlefield, but even then it’s not solid, since cooking is a thing that nearly everyone uses. Besides, you wouldn’t go to pickup a live grenade in the first place, let alone, taking a second or two to throw it into a safe distance. Kicking is more likely, but the again, what are the chances of this really coming into play ?


realy i dont view problem in add this
the grenades will cook with a time, if you believe you have the ability to strike back just do it

i am favor of add this but I’m just going to retake the grenade back if I have no escape. Because i dont deny is a stupid idea retake a grenade! I dont is the Rambo!!


See grenade? Run for cover or dive prone if there is none.


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Edit: looks like the community doesn’t care either way. Honestly, I guess I don’t either, since the feature to me is useless.