Tutorial channel


Have you ever wanted to get better at the unturned editor?
Or are you just looking for some more content from me. (when it comes out xd)
Well you have come tot he right place, just subscribe to this channel and I will post tutorials there instead of on the forum. And tutorials that dont need videos will still be here. Just got to get the dang channel. I will probably add videos concerning what is going on with saint petes island currently.
Stay Tuned!

Yes It doesn’t have anything rn, working on editing a video for it
first videos up

Ill fix the quality in the next video, if I can.


Augh I give up, Im just uploading the plain, unedited video


also, nobody say im self advertising. People wanted me to upload tutorials so I made a channel for it and thats what Im doing


already got that covered


You could at least add some music in the background, cut the beggining and change game settings, so it wouldn’t look like slide show.


yeah I know, im still trying to figure out why the game gets so laggy when I record, I mean, I have a really good pc.


I tried to edit it but my editing program wouldnt load up. ima do that later today.


meaning what? an intel core duo and a gtx 540? what are the specs and i can probably “diagnose” your problem


It’s most likely a memory issue or weak CPU. GPUs usually don’t stress from recording. Might also be an old OS, but unlikely.


actually, the game doesnt really lag when I record, just the recording shows up laggy… lemme get my specs out real quick xd

I have a GA-78LMT-USB3

Evga 500W

8 ermmm… I cant remember what its measured in of ram

dunno if the rest of the stuff in the box is brand names or components.

I cant find the rest rn @-@


The most important specs are CPU, graphics card, and RAM.

We really don’t care about stuff like your power supply.


it uses GB.


nice. eashygf78aerswgf76ewaghf. you know why I did that.


Rather than spamming characters because of the limit, just insert

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Do you have any detailed list of all unturned editor keys because that would be useful, thanks.


A good power supply is still necessary. My friends had bad ones which they accidentally tugged and turned off their computers while playing.


sure, Ill do that


True, but I’m saying that it’s not nearly as directly essential to performance, of course.

Plus, most people just assume you have at least a decent power supply


lol the most useless specs xd


oh btw, what did you mean by that?