Unturned 3.30 update leaked



I have good news. A huge update incoming!
1.Chemicals will fill your hp, food and thirst bar.
2.And also, PDW is now craftable. (3 wood + 2 scrap metal + socketwrench)
If you have any horrible ideas, share it with us.


PDW nerfed and now has the Sportshot’s stats. Sportshot buffed and now has PDW’s stats.


Can the PDW and Sportshot accept eachother’s attachments now too?


PDW may take sportshot magazine.


Yeah. The Honeybadger_Barrel is removable now, but only it and the Sportshot can use it. Obviously, the PDW can now accept the Makeshift Muffler too.

The idea here is that since the PDW is rare, getting your Sportshot to be at its max potential is balanced. And then the PDW can be OP because Makeshift Mufflers aren’t rare!


Added Laser gun and it can be craftable (1 Bulldog + 3 Adaptive chambering = 1 Laser gun)


bubble gum is nerfed

  • Added OMG HAXOR!!!1!! It will make you be the admin of the server ID:40000


The laser gun fires Tactical Lasers.


It takes tactical laser magazine. It can be refilled with high caliber tactical laser ammo box.


If PDW will be nerfed firstly, spotshot is gonna have same stats :thinking:


Considering the PDW is not nerfed to be the Sportshot yet, the “PDW’s stats” can only refer to its current stats. :slight_smile:


added awp that explodes on impact


This would be cool to see.

  • Added Nelson : it deploy Nelson and it will help you to survive with his Nelgun. : 42069420

  • Nelgun : 6942069