Unturned Devkit: Gravity and Air


So i had an idea that in the Devkit you could remove air and add air. Think about the possibility’s with removing air or adding air. You could have space maps more common and without the hassle of adding in a load of deadzones and making the player believe that there is no air. Gravity could also be cool for yes again, Space maps. You could create UFO Mother ships and have no grav in them or have some gravity in them. Anyways those are some ideas i thought of. Tell me what you think in the comments.


For the lack of air, I think the best way to implement that would be to have the altitude at which players suffocate be configurable, (like how the altitude at which it snows is configurable,) and to be able to place volumes where the player can breath.
For gravity, a map wide gravity setting could be used, and gravity volumes could be used to set the gravity specific areas.
TBH I don’t think either is strictly necessary, and vehicle physics are buggy enough without custom gravity.


Don’t these options already exist?


No… No they don’t.


What about moon pei then? It had less gravity I’m sure.


Yep! Space PEI has reduced gravity, and Germany has its oxygen-draining altitude at a different level than other maps.

Now, what doesn’t exist is a way to change gravity in only a specific area, rather than globally.


You can’t make air pockets tho :3


Well idk how to set the oxygen level, the jconfig in Germany says only “Use_Legacy_Oxygen_Height”: false, but If you aim in doing some space map, you could work around this by placing the areas where you can breath just a bit under the oxygen level. Idk if placing oxygenators and generators in the editor will work tho.

About the gravity, space pei is not a thing anymore plus I can’t find it in the workshop either, but it was a matter of jconfig setting even if I can’t remember how the settings was.


Like all other maps, it has been moved to the Extras folder.

	"Has_Atmosphere": false,
	"Gravity": -4

But yeah, as m4djoker said it’s just in the Config.json.

Oxygenators wouldn’t work though since things are turned off when placed via the editor, so both your generator and oxygenator would have to be manually turned on (and fueled). This would be less of a problem if they weren’t able to be salvaged.

Now, if you were to make it so the map was designed to be ran by a RocketMod multiplayer server, you could probably achieve everything (with the exception of various gravity levels).

However, ike m4djoker, I’m not actually sure what controls Germany’s suffocation altitude.


Probably some devkit feature.


Afaik there is no Devkit clip for it, and I had checked.


Okai :thinking: