Unturned: Welcome to France



Should baguettes be a melee weapon?

  • Oui! (Means yes duh)
  • No!
  • Yes and there should be a souvenir shop that sells throwable eiffel towers

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looks fantastic. it took you long enough


yes thanks I can’t wait


If the Famas isn’t the main gun in this map, i’m legit disliking the map


It should pe permanent, if I remember the discord message correctly


It’s a permanent curated map. This was confirmed a year+ ago.



Congrats on all your hard work!


can I say Ja?


Choose the first option already



(Im a bit rusty, might of mixed up the words)


I don’t know if souvenir eiffel tower could be used as a legitimate projectile. But it’s good.


makeshift caltrops


Yeah that could be the case.

But it would be too tall for a trap imo.


Too bad it’s gonna be timed and won’t last forever. Unless it’s a bad map, then meh.


I guess this guy kinda lied to me then ;w;



also i live in france so thats cool


That post was about Carpat… Carpat was/is a timed curated map, and people knew that before its release.

Spebby didn’t lie or provide any misinformation?


He has ~1% french ancestry of course it will be permanent


And theres limited maps to begin with because, as he said, things stick around and everything needs to be loaded at once. So why add more permanent maps when everything could / should at this point be timed?

edit: well rip. the quote system broke and thinks I’m quoting myself - which I clearly am not. :frowning:


I’m pretty sure Nelson is going going to let the map stay permanent. It’s basically an insult to those guys not to, since they have worked over a year in it, where all the others are a matter of months. Plus, molt knows all. If he says something is gonna happen, it’s gonna happen.