Unturned: Welcome to France


This doesn’t mean anything. If the plan was to add only timed maps to give better performances, then he should stick with it in all the occasions.
I could say that all the other creators could feel offended then. Why France yes and all the previous no? Cus it took years to make it? How can this have sense at all? Is it about how much time you take to make a map that it makes it more important?

Doesn’t have sense to me.


That’s because we were accepted before Timed Curated was even a thing.


Ok great thx for explaining.

Still, Imo it doesn’t have sense; If the issue with curated maps was that they add more files to the game that need to be loaded, then that values even if the project started before this decision.


It’s not just loading times for curated.

Timed curated allows the developers to be more creative, like Carpat and the arena maps. Permanent maps must adhere to a more vanilla gameplay, like Greece or Cyprus.


Well in this case it has sense. Basically true vanilla maps will be curated while different/prototype gameplay based maps would be timed. So we shall expect no rescaled objects, basic loot progression, regular stuff etc. Nice!

It’s a shame tho that this kind of information is not officially released, so to clear up confused minds like it was mine till some moments ago. I check around Unturned related things often, and could never find this kind of informations. Maybe was bad luck?

In anycase, I suppose that many persons think
New Curated = Timed = less loading times,
so if the reason is another, it would be better to inform the community officially to avoid confusion and missunderstandings (not that you directly have anything to do with it, jus saying).

Btw good luck with the map then. I expect to see at least that melee baguette that many voted for on the poll above xD


hype hype hypeee
good luck on the release


Wasn’t referring to France here, I was talking about Carpat and other Timed maps, the team behind France asked to be curated long before most other curated teams asked, thats why they have Perm.


I hope they now what they’re doing by making France map


They been polishing the map for ages, it should be of good quality.


That infornation has actually been discussed many times in the past, and clarified by people like Vilespring and myself in regards to France (or more often, I’ve clarified such things when people ask why maps get timed). Some people still just don’t know, or didn’t care to know originally, even if the information is out there. This applies to the “obvious” things about Unturned II too. Information about II is very much public, but people still ask the same questions about the game.

If it didn’t apply to someone when they first read it, then they probably won’t remember it later. I think better FAQs would help, but only for those who already care enough to read such things. It’s not a huge pitfall of the community anyways. Can’t blame people for “not caring enough.”

I’m not going to go into whether or not timed curation is a bad thing, as the two sides of that have already been well-enough discussed, but yeah. I have heard in one of the modding Discords that there’ll be less timed curations in favor of permanent curations moving forward (excluding Rio and such), but I cannot personally confirm that.


Basically everything you said was correct. Maps will be timed if it isn’t as vanilla as others. However, I would say Ireland is an exception to this as it was fairly vanilla IMO. You should expect new content in every area. Lots of new weapons, vehicles, NPCs, and buildings to match the French architecture and feel.

I do agree that some sort of FAQ or even AMA needs to be made about the state of curated maps as something like that hasn’t been done in awhile - or at all really. Maybe we on the France Team (Me, Vilespring, Renaxon, and Paperwalls) will post something here after release of our map to clear things up.



Well, I would play it for the baguettes.

  1. is this the next curated map?
  2. needs at least 1 white flag somewhere or i quit
  3. baguette better work as food, and can be crafted into a breadsword or i also quit


Did you know that craftable flags are white by default?

You know what to do.


Will there be a Baguette as a melee weapon and an artist/french/civilian beret!


You mean the lucky 38 casino?


So will it be released tommrrow or when?


where did you get tomorrow…


Because tomorrow is Friday, the usual time for Unturned updates.


Move your clock foward to 2018 please