Update is shitty or what?


Pump jacks are told to be configureable now… I dont find it…
Making a server with ireland doesnt work…

Anyone else?


Nothing else.
Just a shitty post shitting on what the author thinks is a shitty update.
I have the perect term for this:
Shit hit the fan


No… Who said i think the update is shit? I like it but it’s shitty, faulty.

Annoyed as I’m yet to hear anything about it for 2 days now, i only see people complaning. Without an answer to what’s wrong and why it doesn’t work.

Nothing from nelson or any of the map creators. Nothing from the community… What’s wrong with the update?


Ok, that’s very hypocrite


title calls update shit

literally uses the words “shitty, faulty” to describe the update

“Who said I think the update is shit?”

You just answered your own question.

Anyways, if you’ve been keeping up on PSAs or news, you’d know that the update being reverted was due to a BattlEye problem and not Ireland. That’s said the Ireland team is ironing out bugs as we speak, and this is their first curated map. People often put expectations that are far too high on these maps, and these are literally the first few days of public access. As such, bugs are to be expected.

Your post hasn’t been helpful at all, it just seems like someone is just venting anger at the update because it didn’t go perfectly as they planned.


But I still like the update… I like that Nelson adds some tiny futures & I was excited about the map… But the fact that the map is obviously working for some people and other not… Why?

Yes of course I get angry when they need to revert the update, re-release it and then it doesn’t fully work, I was excited about the map. Yes… I did expect some bugs, which you should always do but that doesn’t explain the problem at all.


Pump jacks are not configurable as said. At least I haven’t found it.

Ireland server is not possible due to bugs.

Ireland server works for some people.

The last 2 being the most important. Why is that?

You clicked the title and thought it would be helpful?


Yes, because you could’ve easily clarified all that in the initial post instead of waiting until someone had to ask you to elaborate.

Anyways, about the pump jack thing, just because you haven’t found it doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. You probably just haven’t found it yet, but I’m 99% sure that Nelson actually put it into the config as he said he did.


I feel like credit was never given where it was deserved (THANKS IRELAND TEAM FOR MAKING A COOL MAP) also I feel like that is another issue being that a lot of people expect too much without having any experience in it themselves.


How does an impossible server to make work for some people? Has logic been destroyed?


As far as I’m aware this isn’t a server/difficulty option, this is for modders to use. Modders can create their own pump jack-esque barricades, and now it can hold more (or less if they wanted) than just a gas can of fuel. I am unsure if this was intended to also have a gameplay config option, but currently it’s just a new thing for modders to use, which is why it was in Tweaks and not Additions.

The map creators & Nelson confirmed this as an issue with the train. I’m sure if you just removed the train from your server it’d probably work fine.

Where do you look? I’ve seen responses to questions since day 1, especially from the map’s creators. :v The map creators have answered questions on several Discords, on these forums, and on Reddit.

Just like for any other map: if your hardware isn’t good enough to run it, then you can’t run it. A lot of people that have come to me personally about it aren’t able to run any large maps because their hardware isn’t good enough.


Thank you, I needed someone to clarify on everything.

Also near the end when you say they’re instead of their a part of me dies inside


I see. How does one remove the train? :thinking:

I look here and on the steam unturned forum general/servers

I cant say my hardware is Good but it isn’t that bad either. I know i get some error about stuff When i try to run Ireland, someone posted it somewhere. In steam forum i believe.

Thanks for the clarification.


What is PSA by the way


Public Service Announcement