Wave One



Mean you have demo to play, its closed, isnt it?


he handed out codes and that’s all I know. Probably to the regulars


I got a key and I feel so unworthy.


On an i7-2600k and a Nvidia 710 GT with 8 GBs of RAM, (lowest graphics/mid resolution) I got 20 FPS.
This is only a beta so I didn’t expect to be running it at the best graphics and FPS possible.


well, (bad word). But its early beta, so i hope it to get better.


Most probably will


Getting 250 fps on max settings and 600 on low settings in the vehicle demo having a 1080ti and a Ryzen 7 1800x


Did u want to make me cry?


I am not very good at pc metal but i think you have a bottleneck


My CPU is practically midspec, but my GPU is infact a bottleneck.


Sad boi hours


Thought ur cpu is amost best of the best, btw can u accelerate ur cpu?


I dont want to exist


Keep up the good work Nelson!



55FPS EPIC (with foliage on lowest)


It seems to be more gpu intensive than cpu. Im running it perfectly with a 1050ti


Judging by everyone’s results if/when the demo is ported to Mac idk if I will even be able to open it.


That sounds great! I hope it will be the same with my 1050!


Didn’t get a key, but that’s ok. Look forward to seeing a more polished demo later on!


Oh god I don’t think I’ll be able to run it at all. Still, can’t hurt to try anyways. I think Nelson’s likely looking for performance feedback anyways.