Wave One



I think people are freaking out whenever they see my CPU, just because I have an i7 doesn’t mean its good.
It’s basically the same power as a midspec i5


i5-4440 with GTX750 and 144Hz display - runs 140+ FPS on lowest so it’s pretty well optimized.


Haha of course the day after my PC self-immolates I get a beta key just my luck lmao. Thank you so much Nelson, I’ll be in touch with you and the two leaders soon.


I will now exclusively refer to it as Madagascar Zimbabwe Border Testing /s



how did this become a meme?


Looks really good so far. Once it’s released I’ll have to fake my own death so that I could play it without anyone disturbing me!




Thanks Nelson for the key.


this is so sad


Alexa play


Nish Inquisition.
(Nobody ever expects it)


fuck, you got me


I wonder if I’m on his list. Most likely not.


I wish you luck on your journey to heaven, where you hopefully will get a key.

Sorry, wanted a way to use that picture.


I would like to play the vehicle test but i don’t think if my pc will be able to run it and i’m not regular :c


meh you could run it, if you can play 3.0 at all you could. And I dont think its entirely regular based, just active members of the forum. some regulars arent very active, or just spam memes.


I would really love a key tbh, this might be a interesting beta which will allow us to learn the vehicle handing .


The vehicle handling is sorta strange atm, so yeah. Plus, if he gave it to EVERYONE, then most of the feedback he needs would be drowned in comments about how theres next to no content.


Oww… I want that key too :frowning:


Then how did pesky get one xD?


did he tho?