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Use this poll so you don’t have tell people you got a steam key.

  • I got a key
  • I didn’t get a key
  • Gtfo

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it took me a day to realize that i got the key


Sure it could get better, but why are you playing with a GT 710? this gpu is not even suited for e-sports gaming.


This is going to sound dumb, but like do you get regular for like posting everyday or somthin?



I unknowingly looked at this lightmode screenshot and now need corrective eye surgery, which I cannot afford. Please donate to this cause.


The Discourse blog is light mode by default.


Awesome! Glad there is a Beta out now :wink: been talking to a few people about it and they like it so far!


It’s not really a beta, it’s currently a small vehicle demo that has had all the other WIP mechanics removed specifically so we can test the vehicles right now.

It’s not even really in alpha phase yet, I’d say. We’re still shy of a playable beta.


i literally made an account right now so i can follow this forum closely, i really am looking up to Unturned II




Where did you get this information?


just go into discourse




There is always hope


Hey Nelson, I am really hyped for Unturned 2, but I think you’re going to tire yourself by only working by yourself. Maybe reach out to the community to help out with certain aspects of the game?


I don’t see the benefit to this.


As much as i hate to say this, since i was literally as bad as that (except i had 2Gb of ram and 1.7GHz CPU), no matter how much Nelson works at optimization, it won’t run on these specs. Not by a long shot. These specs are more or less “old school” for today’s 3D games, at this point, they’ve gotten as obsolete as they can be…

(Holy jesus, just saw how old the comment is. Sorry)


It’s a Lenovo Ideapad 320
Exact specs:
This laptop literally came out THIS year, I want to die.


Why are you using an ideapad as a gaming laptop? Thats for like, google docs, and thats literally it.