Wave One



??? huh? What


gets kicked from home where he had PC

spends a month without PC relying on cyber-cafes to keep activity

gets a key for vehicle demo



Im using a prebuilt - with the GT 710 thrown in by me as its the highest motherboard the thing can handle. Hoping to build a custom PC soon.


Hello active user. I see that you are active. :^)


Thank you for seeing I am active, active user.


Ah yes. Us active users who have contrasting timezones compared to the other active users, because we live on the other (and under) side of the Earth.

Which makes us feel that we should not reply to every topic because someone has already replied a valid and similar statement, so we lurk only.

Also; egg.


ahhh you meek active users will never manage to response time of us superior regulars with increased brain speed and sight.

I should stop spouting bs


damnit you were being funny up until the end


honestly my sleep patterns are so outta wack that where i live has no bearing over when i post


You can throw any graphics card to any motherboard as long as it has a PCIe slot.




There is always a mistake to be found :slightly_smiling_face:.


How to goddamn use the key.


Maybe activate it via Steam?


you mean properties -> betas?


I mean, lower-left corner of the Steam window. There should be something like “Add a game”


thanks! (chars 10)


…No you can’t. You’ll kill a PSU that way


I didn’t get get the steam key :sob:
Probably because my posts were realy bad or because I wasnt active last five months (my phone broke and I couldn’t use my computer that much because of that I lost my regular rank)

I hope that I will get it on wave 2

Who did even get a key ?


I got one.