The only Gunfu I can tolerate is AK-12 tbh


AK-12 is cute.

I mean, just look:



At least she’s properly dressed for the environment she is in.


What? A cesspool of degenerates?

I’m not a fan of the jacket, would be better if it was an armored cloak.


It’s like you took the worst of slavaboos and weebs and put it all into one thread.


Hey, at least we don’t have wehraboos mixed up in this mess.


I really meant the combat environment, but that works too.

I like the jacket; but I see what you mean.

What I was really getting at is that I’m sure you can tell a lot of the uh…guns aren’t wearing anything near proper attire for combat, I’m sure you know what I mean.



this has fuckin spiraled…

I go 15 minutes looking for my clock plug and im seeing fuckin ASMR, A really hot anime woman askin to fuck me, more communism



i feel the cry’s of weaboos and big geys on me…

There telling me to leave…


Well, in particular, AN-94 has suitable clothing for combat.

But you have to keep in mind, they’re literally androids.


Okay I’ll stop tracking this thread.




welp never mind gess im stayin here at fap centre
(too inappropriate?)


You do that and I will spam you with likes.

And we both know what I am capable of in that category.


But why are the majority underage? WHY REDCOMM WHY.


Let’s see.

A lot of them are smol guns.
Or were made in recent years, thus implying their age.

After all, you don’t see the antitank rifles like 6P62 and PTRD being underage.


Too late.

I prefer to jerk off go on actual women.