What do you think will be the next big gaming genre?


I mean,we had open-world survival games in the 2014-2016 period (Ark,Rust…) and now we have Rattle Royale (PUBG,Fortnite…).What do you think will be next?

My guess is that RTS games will make a big comeback in later years (2020 and beyond)


I feel like adventure platformers (either singleplayer or co-op) are making a comeback and if new Fallout succeeds - MMO survival games are coming back in to favor again.


Open world VR dating simulator.


Skyrim rereleases


Welp,not a Skyrim fan,but that’s cool nonetheless.:grinning:


All I’m seeing coming in down the pipeline are open-world RPGs and single-player/co-op campaigns.

imb4 the Elder Scrolls VI reveal is actually just a modern-gen version of Skyrim

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According to IDubbbzz, I think it’s going to be TYPING!!


I would say open world adventure games


As a semicompetitive SC2 player I’m really hoping for RTS to return to late 90’s-early 2010’s scene. I know it won’t due to how recent it was, but I’m dreaming for that day.


Fun fact: H1Z1 tried to do both trending genres

It failed horribly


Anything hardcore or hyper-realistic for its genre.

Take a look at Escape From Tarkov, for example, which pretty much is groundbreaking in every way possible for a shooter. Despite being a relatively reclusive devteam and still in the beta phase, EFT is quickly gaining supporters and fans.

Unturned II is also capitalizing a bit on this.


That’s a possibility.


Me too my friend,me too.Man,Supreme Commander,C&C,Company Of Heroes,Blitzkrieg,such good games.


I can’t wait until Landfall makes an April Fools game out of EFT next year XD.


of course, Landfall will spoof every trending game (genre) that causes copycat devs to follow


So late 2018 and through out 2019 would be modern shooters. Like insurgency sandstorm, ready or not, ww3, and battle bit remastered. Maybe nelson or the devs of scum will revive the survival genera