What does "No Violin" graffiti mean?

does nelson not like violins? this calls for some epic 2016 unturned lore theory


@SirAdy make unturned lore video plox


No violence

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Death is Mad

this is why 2.0 is better

(It is likely a cut-off spelling of ‘No violence’)

How would you, of all people, not know this



im dumb


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but what does the name “death is mad” have to do with “no violin”?

Two different easter eggs, first one refers to the user named @Deathismad

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what does “no violin” refer to though? is it some sort of inside joke?

Dude just read the messages saying what it could possibly mean, ‘‘No violence’’

hmmmm, idk. somehow i kinda doubt that, i mean idk why someone would write “no violence” just randomly, and if they did then why is it misspelled and cut off? seems illogical

i smell conspiracy

Seems to me like Nelson trying to emulate the dying mind of a man in the apocalypse, just misc crazy guy words.

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dang, dude. i can kinda understand it now

deeper meaning than i thought

It means that in the apocalypse there is a lack of violins. That’s why all of the violin cases you see in Russia are empty.


guys we’ve cracked the code

@SirAdy make violin lore vid now pl0x

They’re references, but nothing too cool beyond that. You could try to make a false connection between my ability to play a violin (very badly) and my name under the bridge. :wink:


I already knew it existed in 2.0

including other bloody texts like ‘Death Is Mad’ and ‘Danger’

Death is mad because there are no violins. Solved it.

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Okay. Thanks dude :smile:

You make a good case

get it. case. violin. die.