What is your most embarrassing moment on this forum hehe


umfana omuhle yarrrr


What do you mean by “pesky posts” hmmmmmmm?


He is an infidel


Someone find mine please…


Same, cuz I know I’ve made trash tier stuff, but not as much as “embarrassing”


You don’t think it’s embarrassing until you’re scrolling through your post history 6 months later.


Ik that, but compared to many things seen here, my shit is almost insignificant.


Wait a second, the poster of this topic added a hehe on the end… … Is he trying to get blackmail material?


who knows (hehe)


but like the embarrassing moments have to be on the fourms themselves therefore making them already public. If the intention of this fourm thread created by skydragonfire05 is to recieve and/or find blackmailing materials than that means SDGfourms user SkyDragonFire05 is a lazy fuck.


thank you.


my first post ever

i don’t know why i posted this, but ehhhhh this sucks, can we delet that


Every post I’ve ever made embarrasses me to some extent, as I know the seemingly unlimited amount of responses and perceptions anybody can make/have. Simply put: I understand that every post I ever make is open to scrutinization, scrutiny whose outcome cannot be determined.
You learn to get over not being liked over an amount of time, but I’m not inside other people’s heads, I don’t know my actual standing; having a negative standing at all times is just a presumption upon the basis of every other time I had been part of any community discussion, save for one, which wasn’t here.
Reaffirmation of this fact is easy to come across, as other people’s intentions are usually clouded by equivocals.
But nonetheless, I can rest easy knowing it is all for nothing in the end, all the pains, all the joys, why, oh why do they grace themselves upon me? For no reason, there is no definitive truth. You’ll only search for answers to find more answers to a repetitious cycle of questioning whose ultimate goal is never to be known, as there is ultimately none.
Nothing can exist without reason, so infinite amounts of things exist.
The second something exists without reason, everybody will throw a fit, delve into insanity. But that’s if something does exist without reason, which is impossible, as we give reason to things we cannot understand, religion for example. Religion, when questioned, is ultimately ignorance in its purest form. A denial of fact, the fact that we cannot truly know the scientific roots of our creation.
The fact that there is no reason why we exist, none that we have come to know yet.
And when we find that reason? There’ll be people like me, who question the reasons for the reason. And we’ll find the same answer.
Humans aren’t used to things they cannot explain, as far as I’m concerned.

So why am I embarrassed? Why do I give into a weakness which prevents me from going to extents I wish to go to? If you couldn’t tell, this is undesirable, yet I still follow its demands. Simply put, a slave to my own mind. For reasons I cannot explain. For no reason.

I understand I probably am sounding inarticulate right now, but the question of whether or not I feel embarrassed, much less feel at all, either pertains to mental health or philosophy.
I decided the latter would be more interesting to talk about.

This argument is easily refutable, probably has many mistakes, and I will get scolded for posting, but what does it matter? Nothing matters in the end anyways, so why should I give a damn?
I’ll just float through my life, not like death has anything better to offer anyways, given the fact that literally everything, for all I know, could be a lie. The real facts can never be achieved.
What the fuck am I doing?
Yes, of course, there are pleasures which my mind compels me to indulge myself in, but I see no reason to.
Is this even related anymore?
Ugh, this is now a philosophical discussion thread.

Alright, now for actual damn relevancy.
What was my most embarrassing moment?
I’m living in it, my existence here in of itself is equally embarrassing as every other moment I’ve been here.


10 edgey 100 me


When I fartned


My first meme…

I still don’t know what I was thinking back then…

Please have mercy .____.


it was so long that I have to like it


Does getting Regular about 4-5 times in the past 6 months count as embarassing?


can I have one of those


no, no you cant