What is your setup Nelson?


I assume you have a high end system, but what are the specs and how many monitors do you have?


Steven Messner posted an article on PC Gamer today with a picture of my setup: Here

I have an i7-4770 and GTX 980, but I’ve been considering upgrading to a Ryzen 7 1700X.


Nice slave ship :stuck_out_tongue:


Props on the tardis.


I see a HTC Vive in the corner of the pic, any plans about VR in Unturned ?


K95 (Original) Keyboard and a Steelseries mouse I’d assume?

Ignore that ^^^

It’s a K70 (idk what variant), and what I’d assume to be a Corsair Sabre. I didn’t zoom in all the way.

Monitors are BenQ XL2720T (Times three), the Case is a Silverstone Sugo SG09. Blue Yeti mic too.

Also the Car Keys seem to be a BMW or VW. @SDGNelson Car Pics pls


Great article. Congratulations on all of your success.


He got the devkit for it a while back. Idk about recent plans, but you can launch the editor in VR mode iirc.


It’s a Honda


Damn that article was great. Atleast much better than from those guys who would instantly add ‘Unturned is a mash up of Minecraft and DayZ’ in an exaggerated way.


Cool, a ball for a seat


I think you can see a chair in the bottom-right.


Or is it a mat? illuminati music.exe


Pfff skip everything AMD


Also is that Star Wars on the left?! :grinning:


It’s the Slave-I


Lego Star Wars UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) Slave-1 from 2015 I presume?
Did you know I used to be a LEGO enthusiast before I discovered video games


damn boi…


Imagine playing Unturned on full graphics and everything with the best set up you can get!