Why so much hate on nelson?


I looked through the comments on the steam update page, and most of them are just hating, suggesting bad ideas, or talk about things that are unrelated to the game at all so even if nelson doesnt read them I cannot blame him…


That’s the Steam community in a nutshell for you.

In almost every game, these users tend to be very poorly informed or generally super toxic. Just ignore them.



For context as to what GeneralZelite/Max Jones was responding to, one of the complaints was that they can’t disable the new crafting menu.

Here’s the new crafting menu:

Now, you really can’t see the “problem” some people have with this visually. Visually, it looks like all Nelson did was add a toggle to prevent you from accidentally crafting something by mistake, and that’s correct mechanically too.

However, Nelson also took this one step farther by making it so you can’t craft via clicking the recipe anymore. Instead, you have to click on one of the two craft buttons (as long as you didn’t disable that recipe).

So, some people (which I emphasize some because most people decide to be vocal about the things they dislike which makes it severely impossible to actually know what the community wants) are upset. They’re upset that now they have to move their cursor farther to the right side of the screen than they’re used to.

tl;dr people hate change, even when they ask for it and complain about how the current things completely ruin the game.

But fine, sure. Making it so people can craft via clicking the recipe instead of just the new crafting buttons is a Quality of Life improvement, I’m sure. Make it an option in the options menu though. :man_shrugging:

Oh, and the other comments? :man_shrugging:

  • Some about shotguns. Too OP! Not working (already planned to be patched)! Good job! Et cetera.

  • Some about liking the crafting changes. Some about liking the changes, but wanting a faster way to craft again (such as clicking the recipe, or Ctrl+Clicking the recipe).

  • People complaining about Unturned II not being available yet because obviously game development should take only two weeks and these minuscule changes to Unturned 3 obviously take weeks to prepare. insert joke about a balance pass on these specific items literally taking years

  • "Why not add more cars or guns or something?"

  • People who don’t realize that every update in 2018 has basically been a community suggestion, and thing that this update must have been the first time Nelson listened to the community ever. Because, ya’know???

  • “UNBAN ME.” (This one was a BattlEye Game Ban.)

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In all honesty, their opinion never counts unless they have atleast shown a sign of deep thought into it. It’s always people overreacting whenever an update with a noticeable change is included

That’s pretty much the Steam forum.

I mean really, the new crafting UI only messes up their clicking skills. You could easily adapt to it like switching hotkeys


Steam is full of narcissistic crybabies who bitch and moan when they don’t get their way. I should know, I used to be one of them. Most posters there want Nelson to work on their time and add what they want when they want it. The new crafting menu is being reworked in the 3.0 cabinet.


Because Nelson has free will, and is not there personal little wish granting geinie.


Why can’t people just appreciate a free game that has most features of most AAA games? (minus the graphics of course)


I dont really know why people hate nelson for making a game when its his game and if they dont like it, then they should go play PLAYERUNKN4WN:Zombies (not a pubg rip off but an unturned rip off for 99 USD cents) or nomad and then they might appreciate Unturned for what it is.


You simply can’t satisfied everyone.
Heck, even garlic bread has it’s hater.

There's a way to satisfy everyone.

Add bran cereal.


Just find a game that they like.

Its called ignoring the people that hate it


I don’t like bran flakes.

Change my mind.


See if i ignore your comment, then everyone likes the bran flakes
except me


That’s what happens
Free game = lots of kids
Lots of kids = lots of nagging

And I’m not throwing any shit at Nelson for makinh the game free. It’s just that it’s inevitable to have screeching kids running around asking for the stupidest ideas because they were abandoned as children so no one listened to them, which.is the way it should be


I hate that. Shouldn’t people know it’s not Nelson’s fault and it’s their fault?


The only game I will disagree to is Black Squad, It has a generally good community and is fun to play with people. (there might be more but this is the only one I know)