Wiki general thread


Just talk about anything about the new wiki site!

  • Thoughts on the design?
  • Opinions on how info should be presented?
  • What do you think of the slaves staff? (At the moment they’re the original wikia staff minus Nelson)
  • Questions about the site
  • Other things you wanna talk about

If it’s an in-depth post better post it separately as a thread in this subcategory


New wiki? Link please :grinning:




I see its set in a dark theme, how about a light theme heh?


Alternative skins are on a to-do list, but not high priority at the moment. Properly integrating skins to affect things like templates and CSS classes would be good though, so nothing looks awful!


Needs more wed


Gonna post the above link instead so even after a main-page rename it’ll always still go to the correct page. :] Some people too lazy to bother with old link. >:C