1 Suggestion that would make things more pleasant in Vanilla


Just something quick I wanted to throw in after hopping into Unturned vanilla survival after not playing it for a good while.

I feel like the way you die from hydration is kinda… Strange after the hundreds of hours of gameplay. Why does this process actually happen, and so rapidly? From my point of view, it makes a whole lot more sense to handle hydration a different way, a more… Logical way.

What I thought would work pretty great, is if being out of hydration. You would get some kind of negative effects on you, like scope shake, or you run out of stamina a much quicker. You’re unable to jump that high, you’re basically out of energy. You shouldn’t have to be punished with death straight away, why not put that at a later stage, so that you eventually do die. It’s rather annoying having to focus on gearing up on a vanilla servers and also thinking about keeping those 2 bars you underestimate so often up. Because so what if you just got some pretty decent beginner gear. When the most important thing out of all that is food and water. Because if you can’t find those 2 essentials. You just die. Simple.

That’s why I think, things would be a lot better if you were faced with some negative effects on you. Before you actually go into the stage of death.

Just my overall view on something to do in order to make things… Better. More fun, instead of just hopelessly dying because you can’t find any kind of food or watever for the love of god.

Anyone else agree with me? If not do share why exactly you dont’ agree.


Food is what gives you energy, not water

Water gives you the minerals and the hydration your body needs from drying out.
I do agree that you shouldn’t die so quickly from DE-hydration. But it would kill you in real life. You can last a week without food, but not 2 days without water

Suffering from dehydration (in reality) will cause you to lose the ability to focus. Lose the ability to walk in a straight line. Kinda like you’re drunk, except worse, of course. Because your organs start to dry out and your body needs water to digest food.
Might as well add an intense shiver, decrease in speed, both walking and running. Less melee damage. It should last for 30 seconds or 1 minute till you start losing health.

Maybe add an achievement for killing someone during these 30 seconds

You can last a week without food, but not 2 days without water

actually you can last 2-3 weeks without food and 3 days without water
where you be getting your body facts brother because they pretty messed up

I wasn’t far from that

I have heard people say 1 week without food, then a few days later I hear 2 weeks without food. Then back to 1, then 2. So I just went with worst case scenario

the most commonly accepted stat is 3 days without water, 2 weeks without food

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You character is dehydrated when the meter is below 75%. He dies of thirst at 0%. Its not “Oh I’m just kind of thirsty” he is literally dead.

Also explains why your thirst bar drains faster than hunger.

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“Guys, I think I might be a bit thirsty”
dragging myself on the floor trying to reach the diner for a juice box while shivering intensely

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