2.2.5 Mods


I have created a brand new 2.2.5 server and since unturned-forums.net is gone I have been having trouble finding mods for the server.
I am seeking the following:

  • Feast
  • EconomyUI
    Any help would be appreciated!

Hmm, don’t think self-advertisement is allowed here.

And I also can’t help with your other problem, sorry.

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oi bruv, advertising aint legal ere, ima coll the coppers on ya


Totally looking for those plugins and not an advert no siree

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No its not supposed to be an advert, I’m trying to find mods for the server, I only put the ip e.t.c because I know someone is gonna reply and be like hook me up.

But I’m mainly looking for the feast mod.

I removed replies still discussing the advert. It is correct that the forum is not intended to be used for server advertisements. OP has already edited their original topic, and it’s no longer relevant to keep discussing it. Please keep future replies on-topic.


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