2.5.0.beta3 Update | April 24, 2020

SDG Forum

User Sign-up – a revised process

We have updated the sign-up process to more explicitly show that, by signing up, you agree to the site’s Terms of Service. This is to better ensure that all potential users are aware of the agreement.

Originally, the agreement was stated at the very bottom of the sign-up window. We have changed it to now be a confirmation-based field in the actual sign-up box.


Email System – temporarily disabled-ish

Additionally, we have temporarily disabled all email features in the context of “forum review” emails. These were being sent out even for users that didn’t have email-related features enabled.

Email features *as they pertain to “forum review” will be restored as soon as it is able to function as intended. Any other email-related feature (e.g., “account status” emails) will continue to occur.


We have updated to Discourse version 2.5.0.beta3.

  • Alongside this update, we have updated the following plugins: cakeday, canned-replies, characters-required, solved, user-notes. And the following the following themes and theme components: trust-level-avatar-flair, Sam’s Simple Theme.

  • Bots no longer have the special flair reserved for TL4 “Leaders”.

  • We do not believe anything should break with this update.

Improved Bookmarking

Bookmarking has been greatly improved to be much more useful to people than just a simple list of things you never look at again. Users can now bookmark any post or topic they wish to be notified about later, in addition to previous functionality.

You can set a name reason for why you’re creating a bookmark, and a preset or custom date for when to be notified. Notifications are sent on-site at five-minute intervals (e.g., 8:35 a.m., 8:40 a.m.), and bookmarks with a reminder are given a unique icon in your notification feed (and the bookmarks tab of the activity feed).

A new series of keyboard shortcuts have been added for more quickly interacting with the bookmarking modal window. (The shortcut to open the modal is the [F] key, which can also remove bookmarks without the two-step process.)


Closed/Opened Topic Icons

This is no longer the case, as closed topics now use a slashed out dialogue bubble. Previously, semi-exclusive categories and closed/archived topics both used the same :lock: icon.


The changes also apply to opening topics, where it shows a plus sign in the dialogue bubble now.

Merging User Accounts

Merging two user accounts together is now a part of the administrative toolkit. This merges everything from both accounts into a single account (with the other account being removed as a part of the process).


There is now a button in the top-right of code blocks that allow for copying the block contents to the user’s clipboard. This feature is not supported on Internet Explorer.

This is some cool code.
rails c
if hit {
deal damage
otherwise: word = win
"coffee cat"


C-Mods are now able to post in #unturned:u3-announcements and #unturned-4:u4-announcements. As such, they can also re-categorize posts into these categories.

There haven’t been any issues with the introduction of C-Mods, aside from my own incompetence at times, so moving forward they’re here to stay. :slight_smile: Of course, the administrative team still handles a majority of the reports/issues, and any issues the C-Mods feel unequipped to handle get elevated to us.

Steam Discussions

We have updated various pinned topics to better clarify on posting formats and guidelines. Notably, we’ve updated the pinned topic in the “Looking for Players” to clarify on acceptable posts.

We’ve clarified that using other people’s threads (without explicit consent) is considered advertising and breaks Steam’s community guidelines, even in the LFP subforum. Additionally, we have clarified that server advertisements are not LFP. There is a dedicated subforum for those advertisements.

SDG Blog

Updated Wordpress. :slight_smile:

  • also added a very secret and unimportant bit of flavor

Following up on our last maintenance update to the SDG Blog, we’ve made a few minor changes to how certain blog assets are presented.

  • We’ve decreased text size for image captions.
  • Fixed a bug with the background color of hovered links.
  • Slightly adjusted the color of hovered hyperlinks for accessibility.

If you haven’t already, Nelson recently posted about an experiment he did in his free time, regarding pixel-bordered 3D graphics.


Everything’s looking great. The forums, Unturned II, etc. Everything’s looking up.

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c o f f e e

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Aww man all the 12 year old are gonna go extinct

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What if they are like me and are mentally 12 but physically old enough to be here?


coffee cat

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