[3.0 bug (] A bug for unturned 3 with ladders (Unturned bug)

Alright fellow human beans.

So, we all remember the good old days of playing unturned, where you would be climbing up the ladder for a couple minutes inside the PEI lighthouse, only to be dissappointed by the fact that you were climbing up a bit off to the side and you couldnt fit inside the hole. Yeah, that was fixed a while ago, now your character would snap to the middle of the ladder and then like yeah yup woo.

anyway since the unity 2017 update this isnt a thing anymore and it like snaps you to the middle but then you get snapped back to where you were before idfk how to explain heres a jif

this also works with custom ladders (CANYON ARENA HYPE) and placable ones (maple, metal etc)

i demand a refund @SDGNelson in the form of the skin with id 83601


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