3.0 Bugs list WIP


-----Server/Multiplayer Issues-----

Floor RubberBanding (Unsure)

Client falls through floor due to server mismatch causing client to rubber band temp fixed with disconnect usually on small and laggy servers
Cause- client/server mismatch not fully understood

Model RubberBanding (Fixed)

Happens when player contacts prop/vehicle causing rubber band fixed if player prones/crawl
Cause- client/server mismatch not fully understood

Vehicle/Player collision mismatch (Mostly Fixed)

Multiplayer glitch causing player to clip through vehicles or rubber band on any placed props
making building on vehicles near impossible in multiplayer
Cause- Client/server mismatch

------------Advantage glitches-------------

Glitching Underground (Unfixed)

Player forces vehicle through ground with plates
Cause- Player is allowed to place plates inside vehicles allowing vehicle to clip through floor
Video example- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovn5iMLKYJw


Where is the list :disappointed_relieved: ?


Its a work in progress post ill update it when i find new glitches





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Ok im starting to doubt myself…


there is glitch I found in unturned but I didn’t tell about it, if u used blowtorch and paused the game the sprites of the blow torch appers constantly, and there is another glitch If you highed the senstivy and moved the mouse in any direction your hands will be up in the screen.