3.0 Crafting improvements

I recently played on Washington after playing ton of Elver before and I think there’s plenty of small things that Vanilla experience could borrow from it which could be added easily.

Nails and cans being craftable back into metal with a blowtorch. It would make construction locations provide a bit more metal if you end up looting them and allow you to get metal back if you craft those items yourself by mistake. It would not be overpowered because military locations are miles better in providing metal anyway. It also has benefit of providing compact metal storage without massive hassle of crafting metal into bars and then into wire.

Rope being craftable back in cloth. If you are not invested in farming you have no use for fertiliser and as such rope which is only used for crafting it. It also has benefit of being a compact cloth storage.

Make wire craftable directly from metal scraps. If you have a blowtorch there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to craft 2 wire from 3 metal scraps.

Make attachments scrappable. There’s plenty of situations where you end up with attachments not of your preference but at the same time it feels bad to have nothing to do but just drop them for despawning. This could even apply to iron sights for something like 1 metal scrap.


I think Elver is a good map yeah


or if you accidentally craft nails and cans which i do all the time

Which is also a point I made :wink:

and allow you to get metal back if you craft those items yourself by mistake

Although with this not being a thing I recommend disabling the recipe, that feature really comes in handy.

oh i forgot about that feature, i did it with blindfolds backpacks and umbrellas

This suggestion you have only has any ground to be added if we’re talking about finding spare rope, cans, etc

Agreed, and maybe have guns scrap into different components like say one metal bar and a scrap metal instead of 2x scrap metal, more ‘realistic’ imo

I totally agree with this kind of idea of ​​improvement

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