3.0 lag

你好我是台灣人(Hello, I am a Taiwanese.)

大部分更新Unturned一直爆LAG。(Most updates to Unturned have been bursting LAG.)
8GB RAM 73% 會LAG
1T HHD 98% 會LAG

想請開發者改一下(I want to ask the developer to change it.)

Seems like you have no GPU and a weak CPU (possibly a laptop) and ram. I would advise fixing these beforehand because there’s nothing the developer can do if you don’t have at least minimal hardware to run the game.

I do not speak Mandarin sorry

好像你沒有GPU和弱CPU(可能是筆記本電腦)和ram。 我建議事先修好這些,因為如果你沒有至少最少的硬件來運行遊戲,開發人員就無法做到。



Thank you.
I am very upset with the update :smiley:

My home is not a laptop
Is a desktop computer
Yes, I don’t have a GPU.

You are lacking the required hardware to properly run the game.


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