3.0x 4.0x cutscenes for the game loading opening to show how the apocalypse started

Cut scenes like
The start of the apocalypse and more

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No. We don’t need cinematic cutscenes for Unturned that show us what happened, the best storytelling comes from subtlety, just look at Half Life. You learn practically everything from your experiences as the player.


how would this even work

would talking to npcs explain some backstory you and it would show a cutscene

or simply interacting with a note with have a cutscene

A guy is in a firefight, hiding in a house. He accidentaly clicks on a note placed conviently on the table and it cuts to a picture of a scientist-looking guy packing up to leave his house. By the time the cutscene ends, that guy is dead.

If there will be a singleplayer story mode, cutscenes wouldn’t be the worst thing. But they shouldn’t be in regular survival, singleplayer or multiplayer.

Ye good idea

Cutscenes during the loading screen wouldn’t be terrible. I’m not sure, the backstory is the best thing to show though.

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