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Yep this update number is insane. More details in the eventual update post, but the planned format going forward is 3.{year}.{update}.{patch} - been doing that with 4.0 and map version numbers for a while now.

Pending changes:

  • Allow replicating strings with >255 length. High bit signals a 2-byte length value.

  • EffectUI command can be used from server console.

  • LodGroupEnumerator struct for viewmodels and enemies allowing >4 LODs.

  • Level can override dropship model, see DefaultLevel.asset file.

  • Rainbow jersey item.

  • Potential solution to missing kick/ban/shutdown packet.

  • Has_Global_Electricity in level Config.json.

  • Allow_Manual_Drop item option.

  • Adjusted trophy skin gold/silver appearance.

  • Fixed Bench_Metal_0 discoloration.

  • Beta invite now longer says consumable.

  • Zombie difficulty assets can override stun values.

  • Marker text can be overridden.

  • All attachments can affect ballistic damage, not just magazines.

  • Sub/unsub buttons on server info screen.

  • Clarify refresh categories on server list.

  • Workshop update config supports rich text and shouldn’t get clobbered.

  • Fixed primary / secondary equip priority.

  • Threaded console is no longer the default on Linux.

  • Included example server scripts on Windows and Linux.

  • Misc curated map display changes.

  • Fixed repeatedly unboxing and misc box improvements.

  • Added ability to skip unboxing animation.

  • Mouse-over items in box to see individual probability.

  • Halloween and Festive menus, as well as promo menus as async loaded.

  • Fixed object LODs and objects out of range at world border.


Wowzers (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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I barely ever understood what most of this list means. But…

…what? :eyes:

It means that attachments can deal more damage just like how magazines can.

Ok,I’m not shitting on Nelson,cool update,but why does this not make sense to my ears? You mean my gun now deals more damage with let’s say,a tactical light on it?

No. This feature is for workshop creators. He didn’t give that buff to any vanilla tactical attachment.


gay shirt
gay shirt

I could have sworn you could do this before…Like I distinctly remember a admin attatchements mod where there was a barrel that made your gun deal more damage

That’s never been a feature though.

Only semi-recently has it been added for just magazines.

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I can finally be gay in Unturned

Thank you Molton, very cool!

happy late pride month fellas



happy early pirate day mateys

It reminds me more of that TV thing than a pride flag tbh :anomaly7:

ok this is epic

pirates more like poop xdxd, im so funny

When can I expect a release date for the Kosovo Jersey?

Good questions deserve good answers. I don’t have a good enough answer to give you right now.


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