Update Notes


Autumn leaves coat the ground, the smell of pumpkin spice lingers in the air, and literal green zombies are stampeding around breaking car physics, stacking on each others heads and eating solid objects… it must be Halloween!

Until November 1st the event is active:

  • Decorations have been added to some towns on all of the official maps, and the Liberator dress-up party has returned.

  • Halloween Gift Presents containing costumes and skins are dropping.

  • Several community-created items have been accepted to the Stockpile. In particular the Warlock and Obsidian Knight bundles are quite appropriately themed!

Enjoy your Halloween, and happy trick-or-treating!

Unity 2018.4 LTS:

Unturned has upgraded from 2017.4 to 2018.4. This change should be mostly behind-the-scenes, but I’ll be keeping two eyes out for the bug reports. Some of the direct benefits include:

  • Nested prefabs for modders, significantly speeding up asset development

  • Headless dedicated server optimizations and performance improvements.

  • Significantly improved .NET / mono stability, and stability in general.

  • Terrain rendering CPU optimizations via instancing.

For more details on the update: Read More Here
In the future this will allow us to update the outdated post-process effects, and take advantage of the scriptable render pipeline for superior performance.

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Added -ValidateAssets command-line option, and moved some of the slower asset checks behind this flag.

  • Asset checks for missing meshes are now more thorough for more asset types.

  • Multiple workshop maps can be specifically highlighted at a time now.

  • Reworked logging systems, in particular benefiting servers. All information is in the Client.log or Server_XYZ.log files now.

  • Fixed item drop exception for misconfigured animals.

  • Lighting material values are cached before changing.

  • Disabled unused Unity player loop subsystems.

  • Object visibility updates are only checked while changing zones.

  • Text outlines are only used on colorful backgrounds, and other text now has shadows instead.

  • Fixed featured item labels to only show during new time window.

  • Updated all vanilla terrain shaders to take advantage of instancing, and corrected some specular lighting issues.

  • Fixed small values in some attachments being ignored.

  • Sort-of workaround for GUI color problem on MacOS.

  • Improved material and shader fixup process for older asset bundles.

  • Stripped a variety of code that should not be in the game itself.

  • Mute game volume on loading screen. There were some annoying noises depending where the loading camera was.

  • Updated from SplatPrototypes to TerrainLayers API.

  • Replaced usage of WWW with UnityWebRequest.

  • Prevent duplicate asset bundle loading in the pending master bundle list.


The moon looks better

They stockpile have not been added

guy’s help why my car so slow it only goes kp/h


You are missing a wheel lol

shit nibba i gotta fix my computer fast

that is false and slanderous i shall contact my lawyers

no but i tried it out on multiple vehicles and all had the same problem

edit : hi nelson

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The new items are available on the Stockpile, but for some reason the filters haven’t picked them up yet. In the meantime here are the links to the new outfits if you’re curious:

Obsidian Knight

Something’s definitely wonky with some of the vehicles physics (beyond normal 3.0)… The usual orange offroader is fine, but I suspect something changed with wheel colliders that needs sorting out. Oyamat also reported the headlights / taillights missing on the Russia Auto.


The one thing that makes me really happy is the update to the unity packages. We have so many examples that we didn’t have previously!


I didn’t think I even needed a clock unitypackage until I got it!

For even more context, here’s all the sights and guns that are provided in the new package.

Literally every gun and their sounds! Makes creating new gun sounds so much easier.
New Barricade makes creating custom barricades/structures so much easier.

edit: wheres the obsidian fishing rod @SDGNelson



don’t mind me just playing racquetball

The new Stockpile cosmetics and skins have finally appeard.

Elixir X Devil’s Bane
CHF 0.95

Pumpkin Patch Eaglefire
CHF 0.95

Bloodsport Swissgewehr
CHF 0.95

UMarine Avenger
CHF 0.95

Overkill Hawkhound
CHF 0.95

Predator Katana
CHF 0.95

Zomb-Off Blowtorch
CHF 0.95

Sanctum 1911
CHF 0.95

Don’t pay attention to the currency, it’s just the local one used in the swiss Steam store.




beautiful :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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thanks nolson for this wonderful Halloween gift



You gotta submit that to the curated workshop!


Is it really that easy to get your skin curated?

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Ask the voters :upside_down_face:

Well I know what I am making this weekend