Patch Notes

Thank you for your patience, and to everyone who reported these issues! There were some pretty silly bugs related to the engine update.

  • Fixed flickering pixel-wide gaps in arena map overlay. The yellow target circle has been changed to a dotted outline rather than a transparent overlay because there isn’t a good workaround for the transparent overdraw pixel rounding at the moment.

  • Fixed in-game news feed formatting links to older Steam announcement images, in particular for the Halloween PEI image from 2015 used in this year’s Halloween event post.

  • Restored black outlines for text in HUD e.g. chat and player names. There was not enough contract with only the shadows in some bases, but an option for this mode will be added in the future.

  • Fixed claiming 4.0 private beta access in-game. In a case of terrible timing, the server’s SSL certificate expired yesterday which caused requests to fail. I had thought I’d renewed it ages ago, but the web API was still using the wrong one.

Several of the wheeled vehicles were unexpectedly influenced by the physics changes between engine versions, causing them to drive significantly slower. Tuning up how the game uses the physics system to fix this took longer than expected, but in particular the racecar feels more reliable to drive now. One major underlying change here is to how the game overrides the center of mass, but individual assets can still override the default.

After testing all of the vanilla vehicles these were the ones affected, and seem to be working correctly now:

  • Snowmobiles

  • Racecars

  • Quads

  • Dirtbikes

  • Bicycles

A few assets slipped through the cracks between imports preventing them from displaying properly. The worst offenders were probably the walls around the PEI prison being completely invisible, yet blocking bullets and collision.

  • Fixed police sirens on Desert APC. Still no idea how this happened - the lights and audio sources were somehow added to the seats, and yet only the Desert APC was affected.

  • -ValidateAssets now handles more cases, used to track down some of these issues.

  • Fixed blueknight cape, helmet and shoulders mesh.

  • Fixed snow shoes and Inuit hat.

  • Fixed vampire hunter hat.

  • Fixed wooden fence used around PEI prison.

  • Fixed vault door low LOD.

  • Fixed Russia auto headlights and taillights.

  • Fixed luck o’ the Irish pants material.

Original Pre-Patch Discussion
Fingers crossed that this patch caught all the stragglers.


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