Update Notes

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Update Notes:

Text Contrast Preferences: Settings for outlines vs shadows on text have been added to the Preferences.json file. They are split into text with colorful backdrops like the game world and map, and text with inconspicuous black/white backdrops. Values are “Default”, “Outline” or “Shadow”.

Door Collision: Animated colliders on doors, hatches, shutters, etc are now disabled while playing the animation until nobody is overlapping them. This is a more drastic approach aiming to prevent remaining physics exploits involving doors.

-ValidateAssets Improvements: More checks have been added, and miscellaneous core content has received fixes. Key warnings have been documented here: Read

Should_Delete_At_Zero_Quality: New option for useable items. Intended for disposable melee weapons that break after a certain amount of usage, but compatible with all equippable items. Can be set to true, defaults to false.


  • Mask, glasses, and hat mythical effects are horizontally centered.

  • Target (yellow) arena circle is animated on map overlay.


  • Projectiles like rockets and grenades no longer collide with world borders or collision volumes.

  • Character mesh override restores 1st person mesh for viewmodel after dequipping.

  • Grizzly magazine alignment was changed to match Zone Defender skin.

  • Skin names which did not match the item name were synchronized e.g. Crusader Blade skin was changed to Crusader Katana.

  • Carpat cosmetic texture compression was corrected.

  • Vehicles with default rigidbody and wheel collider mass are slightly increased if Wheel_Collider_Mass_Override is not set.

  • Zombie difficulty asset stun thresholds are saved from devkit.

  • Teleporting to obstructed map markers uses the highest available position.

  • Invalid quests without details or assets are excluded from quest list display.

  • Monolith object uses gravel physical material like other boulders.

  • Zeus hair normals are smoothed like the base hair.

  • Doors can be placed in House_12 porch doorway.

  • Attachments with missing models will not be spawned, and warnings are logged during loading.

  • If individual asset version is higher than master bundle version it will be used instead.

  • Materials with standard shader and transparent render mode have keywords set similar to fade mode. Previously only fade render mode had keywords adjusted.

  • HWID includes several other factors, as a concern with deviceUniqueId was raised.

  • Closing admin editor cancels drag.


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