Patch Notes

  • Disabled vehicle profile changes for now. The front-wheel-drive made some vehicles slower.

  • Replaced medkit, suturekit and blood bag Swiss flags with H.

  • Replaced H healthbar icon with heart. Which makes a lot more sense. :steamfacepalm:

  • Added readme to where the old source and example files were.

  • Fixed zombies floating until first tick, now they always tick once after spawning.


I wonder who could’ve suggested that :griefer:

You have denounced Switzerland!


replaced medkit, suturekit, and blood bag Swiss flags with H.

Why though…

circa Update Notes


It’s more of a consistency thing with the non-Red Cross symbols being changed.

Ah, yes. The Geneva Convention. The treaty that invented war crimes.

The Red Cross precedes that treaty.

In any case, that’s how it is, don’t derail the thread.

pretty epic i must say

bruh why .

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