Update Notes

Update Notes:


  • Graphics menu has more thorough explanations and performance warnings.

  • If server rejects an admin edit the changes are rolled back on the client.

  • Tooltips support rich text and have better contrast.

  • Unboxing is disabled in Belgium and the Netherlands similar to Valve games.

  • Item type in bundle descriptions matches type label.

  • Maps can link to update notes for future curated map updates.


  • Newly created devkit maps default to foliage storage v2.

  • Custom airdrop models can be overridden per-level.

  • Example package contains project settings and a few more objects. Including the “ProjectSettings.asset” ensures color space is Linear.

  • Objects can specify Causes_Fall_Damage False to prevent fall damage.


  • RocketMod is included with the dedicated server install.

  • BattlEye messages and kicks are logged.

  • Zombie spawn chances internally use weights similar to item spawns.

  • Several barricade functions ensure they are only called from the game thread.


  • Fixed performance of the skybox reflection option.

  • Fixed stitching heightmap corners when using the smooth tool.

  • Fixed file sharing of a few systems when running multiple servers on the same map.

  • Fixed admin and level editor box-selection with UI scale.

  • Fixed road material on LOD1 of the Germany dam.

Friday update :side_grin_zombie_:


you were faster than me

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You still haven’t been yeeted out of here ?

Lmao ,why are you always rude to me?

How am I being rude, a democratic vote was passed in this territory :griefer:


what a fast boi

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Nelson! Fix pls web console in RocketMod (I dont know how to say it) ) (And i very bad know English)
So… In RocketMod had a function for entering commands via php or the like, without rcon. I do not know exactly what it was and I will not say exactly how it worked, but I know exactly what it was in RocketMod
And sorry for my bad English =]

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nelson didn’t make rocketmod

Yes but he keeps updating it after rocket mod’s dev decided to stop developing it.

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