Patch Notes


  • Added ability to teleport to claimed bed. (/teleport bed)

  • Added server config options to enable messages and commands from modded Unity events.

  • Added PlayerMovement.bypassUndergroundWhitelist for plugins.

  • Only dedicated server includes thread safety sanity checks.

  • Dismissing the connecting alert cancels the attempt.

  • Admins bypass underground whitelist restrictions.

  • Adjusted 3rd-person bloom in 1st-person to be more consistent.

  • Fixed 3rd-person camera positioning when hitting multiple objects.

  • Fixed swim changed audio repeating in underwater vehicle.

  • Fixed movement and audio updating too early during map loading finalization.

  • Fixed clearing ambient reflections during load.

  • Fixed dying after respawn in kill volume when multiple FixedUpdates occured during the Update.

  • Fixed exception when chat message consisted only of whitespace.

  • Fixed storage interaction problems with rate limiting.


Not interesting

I have been waiting for this option for a long time :slight_smile:


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