Patch Notes


  • Added support for multiple simultaneous command IO handlers.


  • Updated from Unity 2018.4.14f1 LTS to 23f1.

  • Load tees outside the level bounds on dedicated server.

  • Log reason for each quit application case.

  • Packets larger than buffer are truncated rather than dropped.

  • Vehicle third-person camera is blocked by non-attached barricades to prevent looking through base windows.


  • Fixed saving player if kicked on the same frame that they spawned.

  • Fixed gap in Germany underwater tunnel underground whitelist.

  • Fixed casting fishing rod when blocked by a wall.

  • Fixed a misplaced clothing spawn at the tank factory in Russia.

  • Server throws an exception if trying to relay itself as a client.

  • Fixed pilot dialogue for Mysterious Papertrail quest.

  • Fixed weapon water damage using food value.

  • Fixed clamping yaw in turrets without yaw restrictions.

  • Fixed dismiss notification button getting reset after disconnect message.

  • Fixed third-person camera sweep min/max eyes height.

  • Fixed bed placement LoS test on vehicles in singleplayer.

  • Fixed losing association between train cars and barricades.

  • Fixed zombies attacking buildables getting teleported during horde beacon.

  • Fixed nested barricade colliders blocking self explosion damage.

  • Fixed regression to makeshift vehicle collision enabling some exploits.


massive dub


where is my debuggers beret :angry:

ngl nelson to be fixen the game

I wonder if that’s going to negatively affect FPS in my low end PC…Whenever i can use it again…

Last time This was updated All my Graphics fckd up,from around 40 FPS with low graphics but everything seemed “smooth” To -40 FPS and Everything Was like Pixelated

doubtful, this is just a minor unity update.

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