Update Notes

Elver provides a unique experience not just through a fictional setting, but also by changing the way the game is played. Survivors must scavenge the entire map to construct horde beacons and gas masks for a chance at the highest tier equipment, or sell gear at the NPC safezone in exchange for currency to buy it.

The only lootable location on the map, the city of Elver, is surrounded by a dense forest dedicated for base building. Zombies are a threat across the entire city. Keep an eye out for any TVs with static: they mark the presence of hidden ranger crates containing unique weapons and items.

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (2136497468) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to Elver in Commands.dat.

This project was created by danaby2 and Renaxon. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the Elver Mystery Box or Elver Bundle on the Stockpile:

Watch the Elver Map Trailer Here
Watch the Elver Item Showcase Here

Update Notes:


  • Elver Mystery Box and Elver Item Bundle are now available on the Stockpile.

  • Elver event and exclusive theme items drops are active until July 31st.

  • Plugin UI formatting and event compatibility with TMP input fields and TMPUGUI texts.


  • Lucky Coins, Sky Lantern, Blossoming, Decked Out, Crystal Shards, Soul Shattered, and Enchanted mythical effects are available in the crafting pool.

  • Default TMP fonts fallback to Noto Sans CJK by Google.

  • Temporarily disabled clientside workshop restriction validation until we have a better way to identify hosts.


  • Moved an out of bounds boulder on Washington.

  • Fixed LOD fallbacks for skins with override meshes.

  • Fixed APC steering tire visuals.

  • Fixed impact grenades not exploding upon hitting vehicles.

  • Fixed using rest gesture from invalid stances.

  • Fixed door overlap test bounds. They were twice as big as they should have been.

  • Fixed yet another issue with crafting ingredients marked critical.

  • Fixed slightly floating fence in Stratford on PEI.

  • Fixed showing nickname on map with spectator overlay.

  • Fixed battery charging while fuel is empty.

  • Fixed disconnect button timer showing while dead.


Beanie will do I guess


This is the best curated map we’ve had so far


I’d go so far to say that it’s the best map but that’s just me


After July 31, will the Elver chest disappear from the store?

No, it will be available forever


I hope i catch a :fish:


Thank you Danaby and Renaxon for once again pushing the limits of curated maps, and the gameplay arc of Unturned a whole. Congratulations with the release of Elver, I’ll be sure to enjoy playing it thoroughly!
And sorry I couldn’t be around to really help test any of it


Well said!

The map looks great from what little I’ve played of it but I’ve been running into various issues with it. The first one was that the map wouldn’t load but it fixed itself after I cleared my workshop folder of all the past curated maps.

I’m not sure if the current issue is new or not but I’ll play for a while then the game will crash and wipe my progress.

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i found a secret hidden cool thing with the elver items but im not going to tell you guys what it is >:)

Got on with the old Unturned squad and it was a lot of fun, really good map.



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