Update Notes

Update Notes:


  • Skin sharing between items with the same model using “Shared_Skin_Lookup_ID”. Elver variants of melee weapons use this to share skins with the base game items.

  • New Steam Friends enhanced rich presence. Details from the “View Game Info” panel were made compatible with the new friends list to show who is playing together, in-game, in-editor, etc.

  • FallDamageOverride, TimerEventHook, and ActivationEventHook for mods. More information was posted to the documentation site.

  • Validate_EconInfo_Hash and Validate_MasterBundle_Hashes settings in server config. These control the hashing changes explained below.


  • Server verifies hashes of all loaded master bundles during connection. This prevents clients from connecting with out-of-date or modified master bundles, but can be disabled with the Validate_MasterBundle_Hashes setting.

  • Server tests dialogue tree to double-check player has access to vendor. Previously if that vendor existed on the server it could be opened through other NPCs.

  • Econ hash is validated with server. This prevents clients from locally exploiting other players visibility, but can disabled with the Validate_EconInfo_Hash setting.

  • Zombie kills condition can set “Radius” rather than specific navmesh. Elver uses it for global zombie kill quests.

  • Each frame one transparent propeller is updated to sort properly with water. Previously air vehicles crashed into water would be sorted wrong depending on the distance from the center of the water tile.

  • Replaced vehicle exit capsule overlap by finding the vehicle center by largest volume. The capsule overlap had bad side effects like upside-down vehicle falling back to spawn points.

  • Quest object interactions are no longer predicted on client.

  • Trees no longer respawn while a player or barricade is on the stump.

  • Embedded YouTube videos are now removed from the in-game text so they can be used in announcements.


  • Magazine reload speed modifier applying to detach rather than attach.

  • Catch exceptions while loading asset files. Some files did not get deleted properly for some players causing them to get stuck loading, so this should not happen anymore.

  • Prevent using voffset tags on signs. It could be abused to draw text in the sky.

  • Losing track of original mesh when repeatedly changing car paintjob.

  • Harvested bushes being invisible until respawning when returning to an area.

  • Minimum time between sentry gun shots fired. Certain guns were firing one shot per frame.

  • Pressing UI hotkeys on the same frame. (e.g. crafting and attachments menu)


Due to its overwhelmingly positive reception the Elver auto-install period has been extended indefinitely, essentially making it a permanent map. The map developers have been doing Friday updates, so keep an eye out for their improvements! Free Elver-themed items are no longer dropping, and are now only available by trade or through the marketplace.


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