Update Notes

Update Notes:


  • Support for rebinding the equipment hotbar keys. This may be helpful for players with a broken number key.

  • Destroyed_Vehicle_Default [962] spawn table separated from metal boulders, allowing them to be overridden separately.

  • Button to reset server list filters when results are empty. Useful if the filters are too specific.

  • Support for external link buttons on songs and rich text in titles.

  • Different gun hitmarkers for zombies with high bullet resistance.

  • Per-water-quality values for canteens and non-water stats.

  • Support for passenger seats in train cars.

  • Quantity field in salvage/delete stacked item menu.

  • “-HostPlayerLimit” command-line parameter for hosting providers.

  • Windows shortcut links for the Unity appdata folder.


  • Explosion damage falloff calculation uses closest point rather than center.

  • Actual tree colliders are used for respawn overlap test rather than a simple radius overlap.

  • Slightly reduced scale of Moai Head mask.

  • Reduced scale of kill counter items, and updated them to TMP.

  • Increased rain and snow fog density.

  • Included physics settings (collision layer matrix) in example package.

  • Non-admins can carjack and repair tires of their own vehicles in safezones.

  • Friendly sentry guns target players holding socket wrenches, and no longer target walkie talkie users.

  • Players get half a second of damage immunity after respawn.

  • Warn if parsing misc JSON config files fails.

  • Show both version numbers in version mismatch messages.

  • Imported UMarine skin updates by CD.

  • Cannot build while seated because head can pass through walls in some vehicles.

  • Skycrane ignores collision between itself and attached vehicles.


  • Raw beef had cooked material, and cooked beef had raw material.

  • Updating map details on server info screen when map is not installed.

  • Client incorrectly sending stance changes.

  • Repair vehicle passenger check not working properly on server.

  • Using explosives to destroy holiday trees out of season.

  • Starting climbing ladder while handcuffed.

  • Opening menus while fishing rod charge overlay is visible.

  • Catching fish on land with the right timing.

  • Infinite loop when selling more than 255 items.

  • Power bug with custom oil drills missing an animation.

  • Server getting stuck if mod contains an infinitely looping crafting recipe.

  • Nearby items list not finding items that rolled between grid cells.

  • Note quest objects had non-trigger colliders.

  • Placing makeshift vehicle upward into ceiling.

  • Rocket logging duplicate console output.

  • Potential fix for sudden angle change the frame after closing inventory on Mac.

  • Stepped sun blending as fog changes.

  • Backend time offset not getting set properly.

  • Objects getting stuck in editor when move between regions was interrupted by flying/copy/paste/delete/etc.

  • Loading infinite/NaN UI scale value.

  • Inconsistencies with newly placed electric items at grid cell borders.

  • Ammo count in description of equipped gun.

  • Default formatting of singleplayer config without a display name.

  • Slightly misaligned markings on road props.

  • Achievements from NPCs were not unlocking properly in multiplayer.

(Beta) Transport Layer Netcode Rewrite:

The “network transport layer” is responsible for carrying data between your client and the server. Ever since 3.0 began development it was hardcoded to use Steam Networking V1, but is now being rewritten to support alternatives like the New Steam Networking V2, and generic sockets for offline LANs. If you are a plugin developer or interested in trying out the beta, read more here: GitHub Issue


How many players with broken key numbers do we have.

Some thing is wrong I can feel it.

People in Fortnit do that

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