Update Notes

The Trophy Case storage increased from 10 to 15 slots so that the Hells Fury can be displayed.

However the HF is no longer a desired weapon is it? Before I joined this game, I was told it was a raiding gear. These days I just scrap it for metal. So if Furniture capacity can be increased for the HF… Can’t we get an increased or bigger sentry variant on which we could actually mount the HF instead? Or maybe allow players to customize vehicles with AKs? There’s a model in the France map that has a van with artillery on top. While it doesn’t have to be for the HF, I think the whole community would love the idea to equip some sort of weapon to cars.

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i think you can toggle place sentries on vehicles, i know its not the same but i think thats as far we will get with this.

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Isn’t hells fury viable for raiding and viable for horde beacon?

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Bruh, who scarps hells furries


Exactly, you could use it on a heli and shot some fucks from the sides.


Can’t wait to get spawnraped via guns on vics. NO.

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Just no, that’s all.

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