3.22.11.x patches – Bugfix for M1 Mac BattlEye issues

Following the game update, players using Mac devices utilizing M1 chips were unable to join multiplayer sessions due to a “failed to load BattlEye client library!” error. A series of patches were released as we worked to resolve this issue, and the error has now been resolved as of the patch for the game.

The patch timeline is as follows:

  • Main update.

  • Bug fix for vanilla HWID ban support.

  • New version of BattlEye for macOS and Linux clients, and a tentative fix for the BattlEye kick issue M1 Mac users were receiving.

  • Bug fix for the crashing that M1 Mac users were experiencing upon attempting to boot up the game.

  • Fixes the issue M1 Mac players were having with loading the BattlEye client library upon attempting to join multiplayer servers.

For those who were affected by the bug, thank you for your patience. And thank you to those who contributed to the main bug report on our GitHub repository. Nelson had ordered an M1 Mac Mini during this ordeal, and moving forward it will be a part of the game’s “regular testing so that hopefully nothing like this ever happens again.”


Thank you.

Aww that’s so nice! hope the little guy might support UII! and thanks for the fix :heart:

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